Looking For Information - African American Heritage of Laurens County

Do you have a story relating to the African-American heritage of Laurens County? A person, a place, an event? If so, let me know.

The African-American heritage of our county runs deep into our county's 202 year history. I can think of no other community of our size where African-Americans have played more significant roles in the history of our community, state and nation than Laurens County, Georgia.

You can always reach me at 478-279-2514 or dublinhistory@yahoo.com.

Thank you,

Scott B. Thompson, Sr.


I just completed a manuscript entitled, "Me and Bubba Lewis. It is a delightful story about life in a southern georgia town. (Dublin,Ga).
This story give a close up look at life in the south thru the eyes of a eight year old boy. This story follows this boy through the civil rights movement/segregation/intergration.
Coming soon. you may reach me 404-343-3989,or e-mail:charlescsumblin@gmail.com