Moore's Station


Moore’s Station was founded in 1891 as a station on the Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad. With the coming of Dublin’s first railroad to the western regions of the state, a small community sprang up around the small depot located on the railroad where the lands of J.T. Moore and A.H. Moore came together.

A post office named Picciola had been established in 1879 in the area with Jeremiah H. Yopp as its first postmaster. In 1889, just prior to the coming of the railroad, the name of the post office was changed to Vallambrosa. That post office closed in 1899 and the mail was sent to Dublin for delivery.

Located five miles west of Dublin, Moore’s Station was located near the junction of the Dublin-Cochran and the Old Chicken Road. The Moore families sold of their original plantation lands to speculators, which included Dublin hardware magnate, W.W. Robinson, and Thomas M. Hightower, who maintained a large pear orchard on the outskirts of the community. Other early property owners included Alex Brady, Rollin Hughes, N.C. Chandler, Z. Kennedy, and Dr. E.R. Jordan. The Laboring Friends Society established their lodge at Moore’s Station in 1899.

For most of the first half of the 20th Century, Moore’s Station, though no longer active as a railroad depot, was a small commercial center for farmers living west of Dublin. A two story brick store remained in existence until the 1950s on the southwestern part of town.