Pictures of the Week

Bellevue Avenue, ca. 1920. (Left to Right - N.B. Rawls, H.S. Fuller, T.H. Smith
and Stephen J. Lord.

Claxton's Hospital on Bellevue Avenue. Opened in the late 1930s by

Dr. E. B. Claxton. The hospital was operated until the early 1980s when

it was purchased by the Laurens County Hospital Authority. The building

was actually the first home of the Dublin Center of Middle Georgia College.

The New Dublin Hotel, located on South Jefferson

Street just above the railroad tracks, was opened

in the early 1900s and was in business until it was

torn down in the early 1960s. It was Dublin's prime

hotel until the opening of the Fred Roberts Hotel in


Saxon Street School - Opened in the fall of 1909.

This near replica of Johnson Street School on

on the northeast side of town was replaced in

the early 1950s by some of the present brick

building. The school has served students on

the south side of Dublin for nearly a century.