"Three old gentlemen of the South" Laughing Ben Ellington (R) of Laurens County, Georgia was a popular performer at exhibitions and carnivals across the nation. In the early 1900s, Ellington, who was known for his boisterous laughing, was a featured performer at the Pan American Exposition.

Photo of Dublin automobile dealer and NASCAR driver, Talmadge "Tab" Prince, (#78) during one of the twin 125-mile qualifying races at Daytona in 1970. Prince became the first person ever killed at a Grand National Race at the Daytona Speedway later in the race. In those days, the qualifying race were actual grand national races.

Laying of the cornerstone of J.P. Stevens & Co., 1948. East Dublin, GA.

Photograph of a brick at the old Dublin High School, now demolished, marking the parking space of former legendary mathematics teacher and drama club sponsor, R. Lynn Wooddy. These bricks remained virtually uneroded from the time the school was closed in 1970 until its demolition earlier this year. (Photo by Scott B. Thompson, Sr.)