Photo by Tommy Martin
                                                              Malone's Lake - Late 1960s.


I've never been to Malone's Lake. My guess is that the picture was made by a serious photographer, as he caught the peak of the leap (no motion blur) and possibly a yellow filter to emphasis the blue sky and fluffy clouds.
Anonymous said…
My name is Tommy Martin and I live here in Dubln.

I took that photo the summer of 1969 after graduation from Dublin High School. It was one of the last times I ever went. I have some others of it somewhere.

Yes, I was and am still a serious photographer. I was the yearbook photographer for DHS 1969 and also a wedding photographer. I still shoot photos but no longer any weddings.


Tommy Martin
Anonymous said…
hi.., I had many fond memories of this place,a resident of Carey at that time July 1969,when I was 8.

July 4th, 1969
It started in the morning when you were looking for your bathing suit while listening to Mom in the kitchen putting the picnic basket together to later "tail gate",she was happy, and that was a good thing..cause on this exact day,.1964, My father drown in the little Miami river in Ohio.But this day she held her head high, Damn it, we were a family, and it was 4th of july 1969 !Sylvia was taking her kids to the must go on.
My Brothers Daniel 6, Sean 5,and I calling a truce for the day of our normal on going feuds, there was nothing but love for each other in the air !
After all, who would you want to share such an experience in the world with ? Back then next to the State fair in Macon ..This was our Disney
In the 83 mile trip from Carey to Dublin we sang and hugged in the back of our wood grain pink wagon.
Mom yelling back here and there "were almost there babies !"
Now my memory of a bath house, snow cones,sandy beach, diving boards are still there..but the shear smell of it all is the strongest..
There was a bank all the kids were sliding off of into 2 foot of water in some past their prime little plastic boats..without giving the details of my Mothers face as I caught her eyes when she had yelled for the 3rd time "Wheres Shawny" !!!.
Seems he was knocked down by one of those lil plastic boats and pinned, while wading with many kids in the 2ft of muddy water.
We didnt come home with Sean that night..41 yrs ago today, when I was 8.
This picture is breath taking to me..Have you any more ?any recent?
I just googled "malones lake Dublin Ga" and there you were !
I needed this today !..
Mason English said…
Can anyone send me a modern day pic or pics of this place and a few old ones it would mean alot thanks
Jack Underwood said…
I have GREAT memories of Malone's Lake. As a previous comment stated, it was like "Disney World" to me as a child visiting my grandfather. The lake was awesome, as well as the go cart track, the skating ring and the arcade with those old games. As I recall the Malone family was great also. My Dad paid for swim lessons twice at our base pool, but I actually taught myself in about a week at the diving area in this photo. I would wait til late afternoon when everyone was gone and then go down the ladder and dog paddle around the area. A few days of that and I actually swam out to the wooden platform that they had about 75 feet away from the diving boards. That was probably 1968 or 69 and I still remember Malone's Lake with fondness. Thanks for posting this excellent photo!
Lisa Nguyen said…
My father took me to Malone's lake almost every weekend as a boy. I would really like to be able to do the same for my children one day. Is it still open?