A Salute to the Men and Women of the 148th

Cars pass by. The usual flags fly. Few know their names, though their families love them just the same. Copeland, Horne, Ashley, Rivera, some new guys, old ones been there before and done that. St. Patrick and Santa Claus watchers were gone to the beach. The faithful with flags in hand and in their hearts, stood by, waived and cheered, while too many others found too many better things to do on a hot Saturday morn. Politicians praised. Patriots applauded. Wives, mothers and children smiled.

Hotdogs, hamburgers cooking on the grill. Little boys, little girls, on the jumpers for a thrill.

Maybe it will be the last time to welcome them home. And, maybe many more will be there the next time.

But for now, let us pray that when they leave again, there will many more of those they fight for there, waving a flag, cheering out loud, and saying a prayer.


Gary Carden said…
I just blundered on your blog and for whatever reason, I have failed to run into your Belled Buzzard material. I did a book several years ago that ended up with a collection of most of the stories. The book is now out of print but it was/is entitled "Belled Buzzards, Hucksters and Grieving Specters."