In 1887, Albert G. Williamson donated land for a cemetery following the death of his neighbor's infant child.  The cemetery, listed on the on the National Register of Historic Places, is one of the most well kept cemeteries you will ever find.  It is located a couple of miles west of Eastman, just off  the Cochran Highway on Orphan's Cemetery Road.

Williamson, a prominent Dodge County businessman, moved with his five orphaned brothers to Dodge County from their native North Carolina.

In 1912, a mausoleum was erected out of marble, carved by skilled Italian sculptors.  These exquisite sculptures depict Williamson, his wife Martha, and their nephew, Jay Gould Williamson.


This looks like a good place to visit on a pleasant weekend.
Edward Davis said…
What a beautiful and peaceful place to visit! This cemetery is indeed one of the most well kept cemeteries I have seen. I managed to capture some beautiful photographs of the cemetery at dusk. I want to revisit the cemetery during the day when the light is better! Thank you for taking the term "perpetual care" seriously. I have visited many cemeteries in the US and abroad and have rarely ever seen one so well maintained. Thank you for a wonderful experience during my stay in rural Georgia! Edward Davis