Veteran's Day is not a day off, but a day of Thanksgiving and Remembrance


Tomorrow is a day to remember all of the veterans of our country.  It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 when World War I ended.

Originally November 11 was known as Armistice Day. For those who lived through the “War to End All Wars,” the day was more of a celebration of the victory over the evil enemies of Europe.  With the ending of World War II and the Korean War  and  more than a quarter of a century having elapsed since the official end of World War

I, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, former Supreme Commander of the American Army in Europe in World War II, declared that November 11 would become a day to honor all of the men and women of America who have served their country.

For the last six decades, Veteran’s Day has been a day to salute those veterans, both living and dead.  Locally, the national holiday has been more in the public eye because of the efforts of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, as well as patriotic organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Laurens County Historical Society.

Tomorrow at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Carl Vinson V.A. Medical Center will host its annual Veteran’s Day service as it as for the last seven decades. The public is cordially invited to attend and admission is free.

If you are not able to attend, fly or display an American flag in your home or at your workplace, shake the hand of or hug a veteran every time you meet one or simply say a prayer of gratitude for those who have served our nation for more than two centuries.   And, especially for the following men of Laurens County who have paid the ultimate sacrifices so that we may be free, free from tyranny and oppression.

The following list has been changed over the years to add the names of those persons who had formerly lived here before their military service and to include those who have tragically lost their lives in the peace time service of country.

If you have information relating to any names which need to be added to this list, please contact Scott B.  Thompson at 478-279-2514 or at

                                                         THE ROLL OF HONOR

WAR OF 1812 - William Kemp. John Perry

WORLD WAR I ERA - John W. Adams, George L. Attaway, Walter Berry, James Bradley, Leon F. Brannon, Fisher Brazeal,  Linton T. (Leonard) Bostwick, Joseph J. Bracewell, James Brown, Tom Watson Bryant, Sammie Burke, David Burton Camp, Freeman Coley, Ashley Collins, William Coney, Alvin T. Coxwell, Samuel Evans, James W. Flanders, Clarence David Fordham, Oscar Fulwood, John W. Green, James C. Hall, Archie Hinson, Syril P. Hodges, Delmar M. Howard, Ben F. Howell, Wallace C. Huffman, Jesse Kelley, Frazier Linder, Dewitt Lindsay, Ed McLendon, Walter E. Martin, James Mason, George McLoud, Jessie Mercer, Rayfield Meacham, George C. Mitchell, Robbie  New, Cecil Preston Perry, Wilbur Pope, John H. Sanders, Roger O. Sellers, John Stevens, Ed Stuckey, Louis M. Thompson, Edgar Towns, Fleming du Bignon Vaughn, Ed Washington, George Windham, James A. Williams, Henry K. Womack, Wayman Woodard, and McKinley Yopp.

WORLD WAR II ERA - Robert T. Adams, Hardy B. Alligood, Connie Ashley, Jack Baggett, Charles E. Barron, Clinton H. Barron, Robert B. Bidgood, Cary H. Braddy, Palmer Lee Braddy, Eldridge D. Branch, Howard W. Brantley, Walter C. Browning, Gurvice A. Clark, James Coleman, Jerome W. Collins, Robert A. Colter, Hilton F. Culpepper, John C. Culpepper, John M. Dalton, Blanton T. Daniel, David G. Daniels, Jr., John R. Deamer, Walter B. Dixon, Daniel C. Fordham,  Thurman Foskey, James E. Fountain, Robert C. Graves, Horace J. Green, Joe R. Grier, Talman B. Hanley, Robert C. Harden, Freeman L. Harrison, Carice L. Harvey, E. Clay Hawkins, Hansford D. Heath, Edmond S. Hobbs, John C. Huffman, Willie T. Holmes, John W. Holt, Nathaniel Hooks, Billy Y. Horton, Robert L. Horton, James B. Hutchinson, Quien W. Johnson, Will Henry Jones, Wexell Jordan, Jr., Joel L. Keen, Albert H. Knight, Peter Fred Larsen, Robert M. Leach,  Robert E. Lee, Otis C. Leverette, Embree W. Loague, Christopher C. Lowery, Robert M.  Matteson, W. Carson McMullen, Chester C. Miller, Thomas L. Miller, Hugh M. Moore, Clem Moye, Carlton L.  Mullis, Albert F. Nobles, Harris O'Dell, Blakley A. Parrott, Jr., Martin H. Patisaul, J. Felton Perry, L. Cleveland Pope, Vernice Ricks, Randall Robertson, Henry V. Rogers, Jonnie F. Rowland, Roy C. Rozier, Thomas J. Russell, Jr., James Scarboro, Emory F. Scarborough, Hyram F. Scarborough, John Roy Scarborough, Roy W. Shepard, Jonnie W. Shinholster, John A. Shirley, Fred L. Smith, George B. Snellgrove, J. Frank Snellgrove, John H. Spivey, Hudson L. Stanley, G. Bert Stinson, Grady N. Strickland, Charles L. Taylor, Vivian Moreland Thomas, Emil E. Tindol, Zollie L. Tindol, Willie J. Tingle, Alfred Louis Underwood, Jack M. Waites, Cleveland A. Warren, James R. Warren, John H. Warren, Columbus Watkins, Walter P. Watson, Rodger Watts, William R. Werden, Jr., Oliver W. Wester, Olson W. Wilkes, Robert E. Williams, J. Miller Windham, Luther B. Word, Jr., and  Frank R. Zetterower, Jr..

KOREAN WAR ERA - James E. Daniel, Robert H. Grinstead, Roy T. Hughes, Albert A. Lewis, Joseph E. McCullough, T.J. McTier, Walter E. Nesmith, James C. Rix, Bobby Robinson, Ralph B. Walker, Bobby R. Wood, and Lonnie G. Woodum.

VIETNAM WAR ERA - George W. Baker, Jimmy Bedgood, Tommy N. Bracewell, Billy E. Brantley, Harlow G. Clark, Jr., James E. Cook, James E. Cooper, David L. Copeland, Robert E. Davis, Jimmy Harlan Evans, Bobby L. Finney, Gerald C. Fordham, William Z. Hartley, Walter C. Hurst, Jr., James Linder, Jr., Edward B. Lindsey, J.D. Miller, Billy Mimbs, Felton Lee Mimbs,  Eddie L. Smith, Bobby Stanley, Donald E. Stepp, Ralph W. Soles, James A. Starley, and William C. Stinson, Jr..


PEACE TIME - Darryl Tim Phillips (terrorist attack, Puerto Rico 1983), Johnny Pearson (training accident, United States, 1983).