ELISA NIX:  My grandparents Johnny Lloyd And Eugenia Currie Redfield owned it!! It was where Signs Taylor Made is now.

GREGG RAFFIELD: Looks like the cinder block store that my grandparents(Johnny Lloyd Raffield & Eugenia Currie Raffield)had on Nathaniel Drive East Dublin, before passing my grandmother told me they sold Prime beef and the best year they had was around $17,000.00 in sales. Spent many a Saturday at their store then spend the night off the McRae Road where they lived after moving from Moore Station Road. There was another Raffield store across from Cordell Lumber and I believe one on Moore Station close to the rail road tracks , LC Raffield homeplace where the old building still has a bullet hole in it after a shoot out happened back in the day...

Looking closer, in the far right was the old pump they would sell Kerosene out of but I remember it being behind the store on the right corner, as you walked into the store in the center was a shelf that had breads, honey buns. The canned goods were sold behind the counter. They had a wooden L shaped counter, to the end was a big square glass candy display case and bags of dog food on the floor in front. Going in the door to the left was the Coca Cola bottle cooler, short and tall cokes,RC Cola, Nehi, Dr Pepper( poured my peanuts in them, Tab... Still on the left going towards the back was an area that had a large cardboard trash can with chairs around it. There was a side room on the left that my grandfather kept a folding cot where he might catch a nap. The meat counter ran across the back wall with a ban saw behind it... Used to carry CV hot dogs home in a white card board box tied with a string, my grandmother would boil us some hot dog weenies, as she called them, and then we would watch Hee Haw, Lawrence Welk Show as she rolled her hair with dippity do. My grandfather sat in his chair on Saturday evening in his white tank top t shirt with boxer undies... Grandmother wore a light green house coat... The memories 1963-1966.