David Brack, a tough, hard nosed yet loving former Georgia State Patrol officer, died this weekend.  David grew up in Dublin and lived here in the last years of his life.  Major Brack died this weekend.

David was a retired Major with the Georgia State Patrol, serving 34 years with the GSP.  Oficer Brack rose to the rank of major, the third highest rank on the Georgia State Patrol.  Brack, was also one of highest ranked native Laurens Countians to serve on the State Patrol.

While with the State Patrol, David served as the Head of Security for Governor Sonny Perdue, Head of Security for the World Wide G-8 Summit, He led the SWAT Team for the State of Georgia, Supervisor in Governor's Task Force on Marijuana. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, member of Laurens Masonic Lodge #75. David Coached Football at Trinity Christian School for Eight Years. He was a member of Dudley Baptist Church.


Unknown said…
I did not know him personally but he had quite a good reputation!!!
Chevy Blue said…
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Chevy Blue said…

There is a forgotten hero, born and raised in Dublin, who gave his life in service to the ppl of Georgia...GSP Trooper John Dixon Morris. He was only 28 years old when he was killed in the line of duty, May 18th, 1982. Why should he be honored as a fallen hero? Because he was killed trying to get to the scene of a school bus crash. He would have been the first unit there. He gave his life trying to save children. He didn't know if there were injuries. He didn't how serious. All he knew was that there were children needing his help, and he gave his life trying to give it to them. He was a hero. Sadly, a forgotten hero for the most part. He was my brother, my hero. I miss Dicky Morris.