Acid Kills - In the 1960s, everyone was told that acid kills.  Yes, strong acids do. One Laurens Countian found out the hard way.    Knox Linder, a prominent farmer in these parts, was preparing for another day of work on the farm.  The sixty-five-year-old farmer Knox didn't have the same get up and go that he used to.  He had suffered through hard times, living out his childhood during the Civil War and his adulthood in the difficult decades of Reconstruction and its aftermath. 

Linder was grasping in the predawn darkness for a bottle of tonic.  He reached up on  the mantel and picked up a bottle similar in size and shape to his trusty tonic, but instead  chose a deadly bottle of carbolic acid.  He took a swig and immediately realized the gravity of his mistake.  He called out in for his son Glenn to rush to his aid.  It was too late.  Knox  Linder was buried a day or two later in Northview Cemetery.  (Macon Telegraph, 12-9-1921)


MtPMom said…
Believe this is my father's uncle Knox Hill Linder born in Laurens County.
Brother if Berrien Belt Lindee ( my great grandfather). Can you confirm? Or give me a ref to check?
Thank you
Nelson Linder Little
MtPMom said…
Tpo Lindee s/b Linder