THE ET CETERA CHRONICLES - It's Okay, We're With the Band -

It's Okay, We're With the Band -   The long gray line of aging Confederate veterans, their families and friends were enjoying a good old-fashioned street dance during the statewide reunion in Dublin in the spring of 1920.    Dublin policemen Crowder and Hadden were enjoying the band music as well as they manned their post in front of the City Hall on the courthouse square.  Ever vigilant for any unruly rousing rebels, two of Dublin's finest spotted a band member named Lloyd walking toward them carrying a two-gallon jug in his hand.  Thinking someone was playing a practical joke upon them, the officers decided to put the jesting to an end.    But, this was no joking matter.

The merry musician offered  to share his liquor with the officers as they arrested him and took him to sleep off his stupor.    Several minutes later, a tipsy fiddler stumbled upon the rear entrance of the City Hall in hopes of liberating his mate.  The performer staggered toward the front door and fell out of it,  nearly killing one of the cops.  The lawmen  picked up the sot and left him in the company of his band mate for the rest of the evening.  (Macon Telegraph, May 16, 1920)