Stubborn as A Mule -   Mules are stubborn.  They are born that way.  When a mule doesn't want to, he doesn't, or so they say.  Actually, this highly intelligent hybrid between a female horse and a male donkey is smarter than both of its parents.  In an effort to improve auto traffic between the Post Office and the First National Bank on East Madison Street, city officials decided to post one-way signs directing that all vehicles travel from west to east and not east to west.

Though people can read, mules can't.  It seems this one john was used to going from east to west along the busy thoroughfare.  While on his route his driver stopped to deliver ice.  When the determined jack mule turned the corner and headed west, a traffic policeman tried to stop him.  The mule kept on his determined path, ignoring the dray driver's cries.  A half dozen men attempted and failed to aid the confounded cop.  Though tired of fighting his human antagonists, the mule stayed his course, halting at the usual stopping spots until his duty was done.  ( Macon Telegraph, 9-27-1920. )