SISTERS FOREVER - Jeannie Couey and Rachel Alligood were as close as sisters can be.  Despite the fact that they were nearly twenty years apart in age, the pair was inseparable.   They had the same father, Nathaniel Franklin Gay, but Jeannie’s mother was Sarah Burch and Rachel’s mother was Martha Burch, both daughters of Alfred Littleberry Burch, making them cousins as well as sisters.  Confused?   Both women were members of Baker Baptist Church in southern Laurens County and did nearly everything together.  Jeannie died at 8:30 on the evening of January 4, 1928 at the ripe old age of sixty four.  Less than twelve hours later, Rachel made her way to her beloved sister’s home.    When she walked in the room to view Jeannie’s lifeless body, she fell dead on the floor in grief.  Both Laurens County sisters were buried in Gay Cemetery the following day, side by side, united in life as in death.  Augusta Chronicle, January 5, 1928