GOOD LORDY ! - A large crowd gathered at the Laurens County Courthouse on September 27, 1960, to hear the testimony of a Macon man.  This man had seen a lot of immorality in his business and in society as a whole.  There were no lawyers in the courtroom that night - no judge - no jury.  Buses were sent around town to bring folks to hear the man's testimony.  He came to Dublin to speak about what Jesus meant to him and that he would rather have Jesus than all the fame of being a movie star or rock and roll singer.  As the man rose to speak, the crowd must have gone into a frenzy.  The man was not in his usual attire or putting on his public personality.   His brother was a local, Johnny Penniman, who worked at the Dublin bus station for many years.  The man who came to Dublin was  Richard Penniman, Christian.  You know him by his other name, "Little Richard."  There were a lot of amens that night, but alas, no "Tutti Frutti" or "Good Golly Miss Molly." Dublin Courier Herald, September 27, 1960.

Little Richard's Testimony