I’M NOT A DIRTY RAT - Jean Coney worked for Mrs. E.C. Hightower, of Dublin, Georgia.  One day in December of 1915, Jean was working especially hard chopping wood.  Mrs. Hightower decided to reward Jean with a fine piece of cooked beef.  Mrs. Hightower gave Jean the beef along with another piece of beef which had been laced with "Rough on Rats" rat poison.  She told him to eat his piece and set the other out in the barn to kill the rats.  Well, Jean ate his beef and then got to talking with a friend.  Jean forgot about the poison beef and ate it, too.  All of sudden he remembered what he had done.  Coney heard Mrs. Hightower talking about pumping his stomach.  Jean didn't care for that and ran home.  Once he got home, Coney took a bath and put on his Sunday clothes.  Coney went back to Mrs. Hightower's house and told her that he was prepared to meet his maker. Then he realized that it had been a good while since he had eaten the poisoned beef,  and he wasn't dead yet.  He figured that he had a cast iron stomach,  or maybe the "Rough on Rats" just wasn't so rough on him.