MARKSWOMAN - Mrs. Grady Paine had never shot a gun in her life.  After all, she had never had to - being only 19 years old.  One day in the fall of 1943, all of the men were away from the R.H. Paine farm.  A group of girls ran to the Paine house and told Mrs. Paine of the presence of a large rattlesnake.  Mrs. Paine ran down to the edge of the woods to confirm the story.  She stationed the girls as sentries at a safe distance to watch the movement of the hated animal.   Mrs. Paine grabbed a shotgun and started to the door, when she was informed that the gun was loaded with birdshot and that she needed a more deadly shell.  The girls pointed out the location of the snake.  Mrs. Paine took aim.  She fired a direct and fatal shot.  The men folk returned and discovered that the snake had seven rattles.  They claimed the lady had set a record for killing a snake on her first shot.  We do know one thing - at least she tied the world record.  Dublin Courier Herald, October 16, 1943.