PARTRIDGE AND A CHICKEN NEST  - S.J. Fountain was out walking a couple of hundred yards from this plantation home in the Bethel District of Wilkinson County one day when he discovered a hen's nest, which contained four chicken eggs.  Guarding the nest was a male partridge.  Fascinated by his discovery, Fountain returned home and told his friends of the amazing sight.  Upon his return, Fountain and his crew found three chicks under the guarding wings of the partridge.  The fourth egg was already pipped. Fountain removed the pheasant-like bird, which promptly headed toward a nearby branch with three  chicks following it.   A few days later, Fountain returned to the scene to secure the birds to further show off his astonishing find.  Alas, a huge slithering snake had killed two of the baby chickens and was setting its sights on the other.  Fountain was able to rescue the surviving chick, but not the partridge, which wanted no part of being put on display and quickly disappeared into the woods.  Atlanta Constitution, July 12, 1889.